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Eyelash tinting services have been around for years but they are becoming more popular as women realize the professional results and the cost-effectiveness of this treatment. Basically, eyelash tinting services work by applying a pigment into the eyelash. This color is different from the color of the eyelash because it is semi-transparent. When the pigment applied to the eyelash is warmed, it will make the eyelash darker than normal. Tinting the eyelashes will highlight the natural color of the eyelash.

Many women prefer eyelash tinting services for professional reasons. Some need dark colored eyelash extensions to look more dramatic with mascara. Others want thicker, longer lashes that do not take mascara off. Eyelash extensions may be performed by a plastic surgeon, dermatologist, or eyelash technician but the technology has made them available at most beauty schools and spas. Women who have made the decision to try eyelash extensions or mascara are glad they tried a home application before.

Most eye makeup kits include a blue-black eyelash tinting services kit that includes the pigment, mascara and a primer for the eyelash. Applying the blue-black dye is quick and easy and there is no need to wait for results. The dye is supplied in a single blue bottle so the entire process can be completed in one sitting. Once the blue-black color is dry, a new supply can be applied to increase the length of the lashes and darker shades.

Eyelash tinting services can also be used to color eyebrows. Millions of people wear colored eyebrows to give them a different look every day. Colored eyebrows are made by applying eyebrow tint to the upper and lower eyebrows or the area below the eyebrows. There are many kits available that include everything necessary for this procedure. The colored eyebrow tint stays on the eyebrows throughout the day so it is very easy to maintain.

Another popular service provided by eyelash tinting services is eyelash tinting services to change the look of the eyes. Semi-permanent colors are used to change the color of the eyes and they are fade resistant. If a person wants a more dramatic change or wants their eyes redone from time to time, a permanent color may not be the best choice. Semi-permanent colors can last from one day to two weeks before requiring another application. Semi-permanent colors do not come off as easily as non-permanent shades and individuals who use semi-permanent colors regularly should expect to reapply the dye every few weeks.

To get a natural looking eyelash, women who prefer colored eyelashes or darker lashes may opt for eyelash tinting services. Colored eyelashes are less visible during the daytime and can completely change the appearance of an individual. Women with lighter skin tones can get pinkish or dark colored eyelashes and those with darker skin tones can get eyelashes without mascara. Tinting lashes provides a great option for those who want to change the look of their eyes or who want to change the color of their eyelashes.

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